My life in MUSIG as a first year


By Peter Goh 4/5/2020

Peter at the MMC workshop in 2019

And before I knew it, I was writing up my application for MUSIG, scraping together my experience and few ideas for what I could bring to the committee in 2019. Would this sound strange? Has this been done before? Why does it ask for past events attended, even if I am only a first year? 

However, it was all worth it, I had gotten my acceptance email and I was about to attend my very first committee meeting. I remember it being strange and unfamiliar, with so many senior students around me – seemingly knowing everything about how the year was going to run. 

Fortunately, everything slowly but surely started to come together on how the year would run. The committee was split up into various groups; each of which would be responsible for a couple of events throughout the year. As one of the Year 1 representatives, I was part of the pre-clinical team, and we were responsible for two surgical skills workshops to be held in semester 1 and 2. But as I found out throughout the year, we would also end up helping in small little ways for many of the other events throughout the year.

And so, my first year as part of MUSIG began. As I started to attend various events, I got to know everyone better, know how events were planned and even managed to try out some of the surgical workshop stations myself – how to suture, laparoscopy simulators, arthroscopy simulators, hand tying, and even tendon repairs! 

Before I knew it, we were planning our very own pre-clinical surgical skills event of the year.
— Peter Goh

Before I knew it, we were planning our very own pre-clinical surgical skills event of the year. Thankfully, the more experienced second years taught us what needed to be done – contacting surgeons, arranging for equipment hire, room bookings, catering, logistics, ticket sales and so much more. Although it was unfamiliar, it gave me a great opportunity to expand upon my skill set so that I too would be able to plan another workshop later down the track. 

As the year started to come to a close and position applications started to open up, I had to start thinking about what 2020 might look for me and what committees I might join. But from my whole experience throughout 2019, I knew that MUSIG definitely had to be one. Not just because of the cool surgical experiences, but mostly because of the people I had met and the events that we were able to put together. And fortunately for myself, I’m glad to find myself back at MUSIG in 2020, ready to continue planning events for students that may help them explore their interests and develop their skills.