Year 2 Representatives

Year 2 Representatives

Peter and Jiting, serving the year 2 student cohort in 2020.

Peter Goh

Peter is a second year Monash medical student and will be one of the second year representatives for 2020. Although not having clinical experience, Peter is passionate about the new technological developments being used in surgery, and medical education.

Presently, Peter has a particular interest in ophthalmic surgery, and otolaryngology head and neck surgery, but he is always looking at what is new and interesting in the quickly developing field of surgery.

In 2020, he hopes to continue his work with MUSIG to spark a surgical interest in pre-clinical students before they reach their clinical years. In his free time, Peter loves to cook and eat with his friends, and to explore Melbourne’s hidden secrets.

Jiting Li

Meet Jiting, a second year medical student and one of the second year representatives in 2020. 

Jiting is particularly fascinated by the ever-developing incorporation of modern technology in various areas of surgery that aim at providing better patient outcomes. She looks forward to her future surgical rotations, and having more opportunities to experience the more hands-on side within the clinical environment

This year, Jiting is excited to join the MUSIG team for the first time, and work with other committee members to expose more pre-clinical students to the surgical field. In her spare time when she is not stuck in quarantine, she enjoys visiting cafes and just spending time with friends.