Director of Communications

Akanksha Mahajan

Akanksha is the Director of Communications for MUSIG in 2022, and has been working with MUSIG in this position since 2021. She is currently in third year and is placed at Monash Medical Centre. She looks forward to continuing to foster students’ interest in surgery through MUSIG’s social media platforms. Akanksha is interested in various areas of surgery, and is looking forward to gaining more exposure to different specialties on placement. Outside of medicine, Akanksha enjoys cooking and running her food blog on Instagram. She also loves exploring Melbourne and its surroundings with friends.

Communications Team Members

Britney Pham

Aside from medicine-based commitments, Britney enjoys swimming, debating, poetry and driving out on spontaneous road trips with her friends. She is also open to any literature or music suggestions that you might have!

Andriy Dyachkov

Andriy Dyachkov is a Communications Team Member within MUSIG in 2022. He is currently in his 2nd year and can’t wait to start placement! From the Monash course so far, Andriy has taken a particular interest in the physiology and anatomy components – spending far too much time learning various mesenteries and insertions :). Outside of MUSIG and medicine, Andriy loves to take his golden retriever (Boris) on walks and play volleyball and soccer with his mates!