Operations Team

The operations team organise some of MUSIG member’s most anticipated events, including the widely successful MUSIG Women In Surgery Cocktail Night. They are hard working and always aiming to bring the most engaging and informative events to you. This year they are going to be working closely with the other representatives in creating high yield, aesthetically pleasing content for the student body and membership. They are always ready for the next challenge.

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Georgia Dawson

Georgia is an Operations Team Member for MUSIG in 2021. She is currently completing her BMedSc(Hons) after completing fourth year in 2020. She is interested in many aspects of surgery, has enjoyed all of her rotations, and looks forward to further placement in upcoming years. Particularly, she is passionate about general surgery, research, and volunteering in the community. Outside of medicine, Georgia enjoys spending time with family, discovering new restaurants and activities in Melbourne, as well as a variety of sports including netball and basketball. She hopes to continue assisting within her role in MUSIG, and being a friendly face for those she meets on placement.

Meghna Burmi

Meghna is a member of the Operations Team for MUSIG in 2021. She is currently in her third year and is currently placed at Eastern Health. Meghna has been previously involved in MUSIG as the year A representative and is currently involved in organising and planning some of MUSIG’s event. As she works through her first clinical year, Meghna is excited to explore different surgical specialities and learn more about the technological advancements currently happening in the area. Outside of medicine, Meghna spends her time exploring new restaurants, hiking and reading a good book.

Jonathan Zheng