Rural Representatives

Rural Representatives

Ruby and Meghna, serving the Bendigo and Gippsland student cohort respectively in 2020.

Ruby Marslen

Meet Ruby, a final year student who is excited to be the Bendigo Hospital representative this year. Ruby has always found her surgical rotations fascinating and enjoys being hands-on in the clinical environment. In her spare time, she enjoys going to music gigs, travelling and spending time with friends. 

This year, Ruby hopes to work with MUSIG to develop a more environmentally sustainable approach to surgical workshops. She hopes to inspire other students, in particular female students, to take the opportunity to have a taste of surgery, meet potential career mentors and further develop their basic surgical skills (even if you don’t think surgery is for you!).

Meghna Prasannan Ponganam

Meghna is our Year A representative for 2020. Even though she is in the early stages of her degree and hasn’t had much clinical exposure, she finds the development of surgical procedures with the help of technological advancements over the years fascinating. She is also interested in looking at how these developments can be used to improve surgeries in impoverished and developing nations. 

She is looking forward to joining the MUSIG team and helping to promote the field of surgery among medical students. Outside of medicine, she enjoys going on hikes, reading and whenever she gets the chance she likes to travel.