Vice Co-Chairs

Vice Co-Chairs

The Vice Co-Chairs are responsible for keeping the team up to speed with all the information and leading some of MUSIG’s most premium events. Chelsea and Tony are both long time MUSIG committee members who are passionate about surgery and surgical education. The team love their guidance and availability as first port of call.

Chelsea Lin

Chelsea is currently in her final year and is mainly based at Alfred Hospital. She is excited to be the MUSIG Vice Chair Internal for 2022 and have the opportunity to work with an amazing team of people. Chelsea is interested in various areas of surgery and is looking forward to gaining more experience with different specialties. She is keen to continue her involvement in education, research and mentorship, and hopes to be able to share her passion for surgery with fellow students through MUSIG’s fantastic events and workshops. Outside of medicine, Chelsea likes to spend time enjoying music, catching up with friends, or trying her hand at baking to satisfy her sweet tooth!

Tony Vu

Tony is the Vice Chair External of MUSIG in 2022. He is a final year, postgraduate medical student currently based at Alfred Health. Tony is passionate about surgical education and is excited to deliver high quality surgical workshops to his fellow peers. He currently has an interest in cardiothoracic surgery, but is keen to see what the other surgical subspecialties have to offer. Outside of medicine, Tony actively competes in powerlifting and is dedicated to trying all the ramen and hotpot joints in Melbourne CBD.